Le Bonbon Sustainably Increases Organic Traffic with Incremys

Popular French lifestyle website compliments its social media strategy for acquiring traffic with Incremys.

“Thanks to Incremys, we were able to produce content for valuable search terms that we were not even aware of! We were able to quickly gain first page Google positions and boost the organic traffic to our website.”

— Antoine Viger, Digital Director, Le Bonbon

Created in 2009, Le Bonbon offers both a free monthly lifestyle print magazine and a website. The website has over 2.5 million unique visitors every month. Widely recognized for its trend forecasting, the website is the place to go for the latest news and lifestyle tips, as well as recommendations for the best things to do in every major city in France.

Key Facts 

2.5 million unique monthly visitors

200 publications with Incremys

• Positioned on Google’s first page for 2,650 search queries


• Sustainably increase organic traffic

• Be less dependant on social media for website traffic

• Process-ize SEO content production

• Know exactly what content readers are searching for via Google


• Closed loop SEO content campaign management


• Strategic and data-driven approach to SEO content creation

• A cross channel marketing strategy (SEO and social media) for traffic acquisition

• Less dependence on social media for traffic acquisition

• Valuable and engaging content that gets found and delights readers

• More valued and motivated content teams

Sustainably Growing Organic Traffic

Previously, Le Bonbon pushed all of its articles via its social media strategy. This generated traffic to Le Bonbon’s website, yet it required a constant effort from the editorial teams to push the content via these channels. Furthermore, although successful in generating clicks from existing readers, social media is less effective for attracting new visitors.
In order to be less dependant on social media for acquiring traffic, Le Bonbon looked to SEO to grow its organic traffic.

Managing SEO Content like Other Marketing Channels

The company tried using technically focused SEO tools to help them with their SEO content campaign management. Le Bonbon found them inadequate for helping its writers orient their editorial efforts for SEO gains. The media needed a tool to enable it to plan, execute and measure their SEO content campaigns with the same structure and predictability as their social media strategy.

Eliminating Guesswork from Content Creation

Incremys enables Le Bonbon to process-ize its SEO content efforts. Le Bonbon now knows exactly what its readers are typing into Google for any given topic. Incremys’ AI gives the company dependable probability of their domain reaching Google’s first page if it produces relevant content for any of the search queries.

Based on this probability, plus other strategic factors such as volume, Le Bonbon can build a data-driven content calendar. The company has been able to discover hidden content opportunities where there is little competition, but high demand, enabling them to increase their organic traffic.

Creating Valuable Content That Gets Found

For every article, Incremys’ AI-powered editorial assistant structures Le Bonbon’s editorial procedures by suggesting relevant topics. Once the article is published, the AI gives Le Bonbon an SEO score based on technical and semantic aspects such as keyword density and article length, and tells them if they have respected the relevant topics. This ensures that the team consistently writes engaging content that people will find.

Plan, Execute, Measure, Repeat

Incremys’ intuitive results dashboards mean that Le Bonbon can easily understand the impact of their publications on revenue. Since the beginning of 2018, the company has published 200 publications with Incremys, which has led to them being positioned on Google’s first page for over 2,650 search queries, generating considerable organic traffic. Incremys publications are widening the media’s reader base — 70% of Incremys traffic represents new visitors.

Le Bonbon can now plan, execute and measure SEO Content Campaigns with the same rigor and predictability as its social media strategy, leading to long-term organic traffic growth and a bigger impact on their top line.

“Thanks to Incremys, we were able to produce content for valuable search terms that we were not even aware of! We were able to quickly gain first page Google positions and boost the organic traffic to our website. This success is really motivating for our content teams, as their work is more valued now that we can see its results,” says Antoine Viger, Digital Director at Le Bonbon.