Terre Solaire Transforms Its Website into a Lead Generation Tool with Incremys

The renewable energy company positions itself as an industry thought leader and generates sales.

“Thanks to Incremys, we have been able to position ourselves as a thought leader for renewable energy. Our strategic content drives organic traffic to our website, significantly boosting leads and generating more sales.”
— Louis-Rodolphe Marie, President and Founder, Terre Solaire
For over 10 years, Terre Solaire has been an advocate of renewable energy. The French company installs more than three hectares of solar panels annually, enabling individuals and companies to save money and make a positive change for the environment.

Key Facts 

Leading provider of solar panels for homes and businesses

• Incremys publications receive 40% of website’s traffic

• First time visitors makeup 87% of traffic driven by Incremys content


• Know exactly what content readers are searching for via Google

• Tackle SEO with the same structure and rigor as other marketing channels

• Increase highly targeted organic traffic to the website to generate sales


• Incremys closed loop SEO content campaign management


• Increased organic traffic

• Strategic and data-driven approach to SEO content creation

• Positioned as the thought leader for renewable energy in France

• Valuable and engaging content that gets found and delights readers

Evangelizing Renewable Energy and Driving Organic Traffic

In order to boost sales, Terre Solaire needed to drive traffic to its site and transform its website into a lead generation tool. As with any emerging technology subject, renewable energy is highly researched via Google. SEO content represents an opportunity for the company to position itself as a neutral source of information on the topic of renewable energy in order to drive traffic from Google to its website.

Driving traffic from Google at Every Step of Customer Journey

Thanks to Incremys, Terre Solaire is able to view all the search queries that its prospects are asking Google related to solar energy, plus the volumes of each query. Using Incremys’ drag-and-drop tool, Terre Solaire can organize the different search queries into steps of the customer journey, from search queries regarding the general comprehension of renewable energy to specific topics, such as cleaning solar panels. This means that the company can produce outstanding and relevant content to gain first page positions on Google throughout the customer journey.

Building a Content Calendar Based on the Probability of Success

Incremys’ AI enables Terre Solaire to retro-engineer Google and identify search terms where, with high quality content, the company has an opportunity to break into the first page of Google’s search results. Based on the probability of landing on Google’s first page, plus other factors such as volume and stage of the customer journey, Terre Solaire can prioritize its content efforts and strategically build a data-driven content calendar.

Ensuring Efficient and Relevant Content Production

Incremys’ AI-powered content assistant aids Terre Solaire’s content team by providing a template for every article, which outlines the topics to be addressed in the article in order for it to be relevant. Once the article is published, the AI gives Terre Solaire an SEO score based on technical and semantic aspects, such as keyword density and article length, and tells them if they have respected the relevant topics. This ensures that the company writes valuable content that people will find.

40% of Total Website Traffic Now Generated by Incremys

Within six months, Terre Solaire has managed to position itself on Google’s first page for over 50% of the search queries it has written for. The company is widely regarded as the industry reference for topics related to the renewable energy sector in its home country of France. Incremys publications currently account for 40% of Terre Solaire’s total traffic. By increasing qualified organic traffic to its website, the company can increase lead generation. In addition, Terre Solaire can measure the effectiveness of each publication to achieve an ROI-centric approach to SEO content creation.