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Incremys’ personalized AI: assistance to an writer

Discover the 5 major uses integrated into our SEO solution.


Generate your brief


Brainstorm a keyword


Generate a table of contents


Generate personalized content


Improve an existing text

1st use case

Generate your brief

Incremys’ personalized AI automatically generates a brief for each keyword in the project for your editors, taking into account data from the Google SERP, your brand identity, your business context, and your competitive environment.

✨ Personalized AI for table of contents

  • The personalized AI identifies secondary themes and relevant questions according to your business.

  • The personalized AI generates a detailed brief for your writer based on your brand and the competitive environment of the SEO keyword, aiming to surpass the competition and meet Google’s expectations.

2nd use case

Brainstorm a keyword in a specific context

Brainstorming, integrated as a tool within Incremys’ project module, provides a comprehensive overview of a keyword to guide the writer or AI. The brainstorming focuses on a thorough presentation of a keyword, including an overview, the lexical field, possible editorial angles, etc.

✨ Personalized AI in brainstorming

  • Incremys’ personalized AI is fully integrated into the brainstorming module, adding a contextual dimension to idea generation for writers. It specifically adapts to the specificities of each domain, ensuring tailored and personalized results every time.

    3rd use case

    To generate a relevant table of contents

    The creation of a table of contents by a generic AI typically follows a structure that is too uniform and lacks brand identity. Incremys has optimized this process by taking into consideration not only your existing article writing habits but also your internal data.

    ✨ Personalized AI for table of contents

    • When generating the table of contents with personalized AI, every constraint specified in the writer’s brief is taken into account.

    • This technology addresses every topic and question, also incorporating hot data from our clients to create an optimized and relevant content structure.

    4th use case

    Generate content based on provided instructions

    Where other solutions produce content devoid of brand specificity, neglecting the instructions from the brief and crafted from information sources not controlled by the user, Incremys offers content generation fully aligned with data and data-driven approaches.

    ✨ Personalized AI for content generation

    • The personalized AI approach creates differentiation by producing unique content, specific to each brand, and optimized for SEO.
    • It transcends mere text generation to become a true personalized AI writer.

    5th use case

    Improve existing content

    Incremys allows you to extract existing content from your pages and enhance it using your personalized AI across all possible dimensions: meta tags, coverage of topics and questions, density, etc.

    ✨ Personalized AI for enhancing existing content

    When enhancing your content, every SEO improvement criterion is taken into account, including:

    • Tag optimization

    • Coverage of missing topics and missing questions

    • Adding missing internal links

    • Integration of useful content

    • Optimization of density, removal of duplicate content, etc.