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Let’s meet!

The Incremys teams take part in many events.
Will you be there? Will we?
If that’s the case, let’s meet up and discuss your SEO strategy!

Paris Retail Week Incremys


In September 2023, the 9th edition of Paris Retail Week took place. We actively participated in all three days of this e-commerce-focused event, showcasing our two solutions: Incremys and Sparkneo at our booth!

We also took advantage of the opportunity to host two workshops on the theme: “Practical Use of OpenAI’s Semantic AI Engines in B2B for Creating Professional Web Content on a Large Scale.” You can watch the video recordings of these workshops by following this link. The feedback from these sessions has been extremely positive.

2022 SUMMER Edition

700 decision-makers and digital players meet once a year for the essential business event for decision-makers in digital marketing, e-commerce, communication, data and CRM. 7,000 one-to-one affinity meetings organized via a unique business matchmaking tool developed by lesBigBoss, which will allow decision-makers with projects to meet their future strategic partners.


2020 E-Commerce Day

This session aims at scheduling meetings between 110 decision-makers and providers based on relevant topics or problematics. The 1-2-1 format of this event encourages exchanges between E-commerce professionals and providers. In total, over 1500 meetings are planned during this session, each lasting 7 minutes and focussing on the issues met by those present. As an SEO specialist in E-commerce, Incremys will take part in this event.

2019 VIP E-commerce Dinner

A fine dinner served by a Michelin-starred chef and a sommelier, 1-2-1 appointments… This next VIP dinner planned by LesBigBoss and dedicated to the E-commerce sector will delight you! 20 of the most influential decision-makers of the digital world will gather in the intimate atmosphere of the Galerie Puteaux. The warm and friendly set up of this event will allow Incremys to introduce their most advanced features.

2019 Winter Edition

The LesBigBoss Winter Edition will take place from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th December 2019 in the Club Med Arcs Panorama in the Savoy area. It will gather over 500 actors of the digital world who will exchange among peers and like-minded partners on good practices and new areas of innovation in the digital sector. Incremys will join LesBigBoss during those 3 high-flying days.

Tourism 2018

LesBigBoss events were created by Hervé Bloch and have quickly become a reference in the e-commerce event industry. For the second year in a row, the focus will be on the tourism sector. This second Tourism Edition will take place on the 5th and 6th April 2018 in a yet undisclosed location, less than 3 hours away from Paris. We will take part in this edition focussed on a sector in which we excel.

2018 Retail Fashion & Beauty

This edition focusses on the Retail Fashion and Beauty industry. 150 individuals will gather during this event so they can exchange on good practices and stay up to date with developments in the digital and innovation world. We will introduce the Incremys technology to the leaders of this sector over those 2 days of B-2-B one-on-one meetings. Nothing could stop us from attending this event in Cabourg!

Vivatech Incremys et Sparkneo


We participated in the 2023 edition of the largest European event dedicated to startups: Viva Technology. This year, artificial intelligence was the highlighted theme of the event, and we wanted to showcase our large-scale SEO content generation solution powered by AI: Sparkneo.

We had the pleasure of meeting numerous participants during this event, and we are pleased to note that our solution addresses a growing demand in the SEO market.


2021 Winter Edition

650 actors and decision-makers of the digital world meet in the mountains once a year to take part in this unmissable business event for digital marketing, e-commerce, communication, data and CRM. LesBigBoss has developed a unique matchmaking business tool allowing 5000 affinity one-to-one appointments between project carriers and their future key partners. Incremys will take part in this winter edition of LesBigBoss.

2020 Fashion & Beauty

LesBigBoss organises a 2-day event about fashion and beauty retail on the 15th and 16th October 2020. 150 like-minded decision-makers and actors from the same universe meet once a year to exchange on current and up-to-date practices. 2500 meetings, all 1-2-1 and tailor-made, are organised via a match-making business tool. This allows project-makers to meet their potential future business partners. Incremys will be taking part in this Fashion & Beauty event.


2019 Mass Market Retail VIP Dinner

LesBigBoss is planning a VIP Dinner focussed on increasing business growth.  50 project-makers in the mass Market sector will gather with like-minded solution providers. The Incremys technological advances are making organic traffic acquisition more accessible, integrating it effortlessly with other marketing channels. For those reasons, mass market retailers call on us to implement our innovative solutions. LesBigBoss VIP dinners are always high-quality events on every level and we will, of course, be there for this one!

2019 Summer Edition

LesBigBoss is planning a Summer Edition that will gather over 600 actors of the digital sector so they can exchange on good practices and keep a finger on the pulse of emerging issues in the digital and innovation world. This 3-day event will take place in the South of France, in a yet undisclosed location, in a convivial and relaxed setting. There will be a total of 5000 one-to-one appointments scheduled during this event. Incremys will be a part of this 2019 edition!

2018 Summer Edition

This will be the 10th release of this unique event format for LesBigBoss. As a celebration, a 747 two-storeyed colour-branded Boeing plane will be chartered by the LesBigBoss Team. It will be headed for a yet undisclosed location on the Mediterranean Sea. Aboard the plane, 270 leaders of the digital world – weighing over €309bn in turnover – and 125 sponsored providers, among whom the Incremys Agency. Digilinx partenered up with Ôvoyages to help organise this event. This successful format has been running for 4 years now and we are happy to be a part of this event!

2017 Winter Edition

From Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd December 350 leaders of the digital sector – grossing between them €25bn of online turnover – will meet in the prestigious Club Med in Val Thorens. They will meet with 100 sponsored high-flying providers in this brand-new Winter Edition of LesBigBoss. They will exchange with 100 sponsors – all high-ranking providers in the domains of acquisition, CRM, Big Data and other digital sectors – in a brand new Winter format of LesBigBoss. On the menu: 3 days of networking, meetings, business talks and leisure activities. Incremys will be there for this 2017 Winter Edition.


Incremys teams were present on March 28, 29, 30 at the E-Marketing Paris 2023 exhibition.

Many of you came to our stand for this edition to discover our end-to-end SaaS SEO management platform and to attend our workshop on AI and the Sparkneo solution.

We thank you for that!

2020 Winter Online Meetings

For the third time, a 100% digital event has been planned by LesBigBoss. They are keeping their promise and are committed to help connect decision-makers and providers during pre-arranged business meetings. All this while maintaining the business community network. This unique purely digital event is orchestrated with the help of the Vimeet Platform. It offers 1-2-1 video business calls that follow the same guidelines as the live in-the-flesh events previously organised by LesBigBoss. Incremys will take part in this 2020 Winter edition.

2019 Fashion & Beauty

This 3rd edition of LesBigBoss Retail, Fashion & Beauty will take place in the Mama Shelter in Lille. They are expecting 100 guest decision-makers and 80 sponsors among which the guests of honour: Alban Schleuniger, Digital marketing director for the Casino Group, Edouard Margain, Digital director for Lavinia and Thomas Camille, CEO of Pataugas. Serge Trigano, ex CEO for Club Med and a co-creator of the Marma Shelter with his two sons, will also be present on Thursday 17th October and discuss topics such as hospitality in the business world. Incremys will take part in this event.

2019 Communication & Marketing Dinner

The #VIP Dinner by LesBigBoss focussing on Communication & Marketing will take place on Tuesday 10th March in the prestigious Saint Dominique gardens in the heart of Paris. This platform for exchanges and B-2-B business meetings will gather close to 60 professional individuals. By focussing on business and networking, this evening will permit sponsors and heads of the Com & Market sector to mingle, exchange, network and find out about new market trends. They will share their experiences during 1-2-1 appointments to help them accelerate their business growth. We will be there to offer our innovative solutions.

2019 Pharmacy & Health Day

LesBigBoss organises a business development accelerator day which gathers 50 decision-makers and providers from the Pharma & Health sector. 1-2-1 appointments are scheduled for that day. The health sector is particularly adapted to visitor acquisition techniques using the organic channel. Because of its solid references in this sector, Incremys will obviously be present for this event.

2018 Winter Edition

No cold or snow could stop the 600 participants who have registered for this 6th Winter Edition! The marketing and digital leaders of influential French companies will network for three days in a convivial atmosphere alongside the best agencies in their sector. On the menu: 3 days mingling business and networking. Business speed dating appointments are scheduled at the beginning of the event so the rest of the stay can be spent on leisure cultural and sport activities to encourage networking. Incremys will take part in this 2018 Winter Edition.