Our Story

At Incremys, we are passionate about helping companies create relevant and valuable content that people find. Our platform enables marketers to structure and continuously optimize their SEO Content Campaigns, and achieve a sustainable, long term boost in organic traffic and sales.

Why Incremys Was Created

Incremys started in 2014 when co-founder Iban Touchet noticed a fundamental change and gap in the SEO industry.

Google had gotten smarter and traditional SEO tactics for “hacking” one’s way to Google’s first page had become at best inefficient and at worst damaging to a brand’s reputation.

Iban also realized that unlike other marketing levers, SEO had never been process-ized and dealt with in a business-orientated approach.

Something Had to Be Done

Incremys was created to rationalize SEO publishing investments with a data-driven approach. Incremys is designed to empower marketing teams to plan, execute and objectively measure SEO Content Campaigns with the same rigor and predictability as all other digital marketing channels.

Meet the Management Team

Iban Touchet


Iban co-founded Incremys after over ten years of experience in management consulting, software engineering and enterprise sales from companies including Bain & Company, Societe Generale and Qosmos.

His unique and diverse professional background enabled him to develop Incremys, the first platform to enable CMOs to rationalize their online publishing efforts in order to sustainably increase their online revenue.

Bertrand Fredenucci


Bertrand is a seasoned entrepreneur and passionate about the agile and omni-channel revolutions.

He founded Baobaz, a major provider of digital marketing, e-commerce and hosting services to brands and fashion retailers, which became the second largest Magento integrator in Europe. Bertrand is also co-founder of Btwinz Ventures, with ten B2B SaaS companies in its current portfolio, and SaaS Lab, a seed investment vehicle. He serves on the boards of multiple software startups.

Incremys enpowers marketing teams to rationalize SEO publishing investments.

Effortlessly plan, execute and measure SEO Content Campaigns with the same rigor and predictability as your other digital marketing channels.

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